matrixmann (matrixmann) wrote,

About the charge on the Capitol in Washington, DC

Actually, the charge of the Capitol is just the tip of the ice berg of a development that's been going on for longer in the United States.
It's an event displaying the deep split within the US society and its political system, as well it's an expression of two very sharply opposing forces which both firmly believe to have found the Holy Grail and be on a mission from the Lord itself, while they're just both streams trying to force their understanding of how the world works upon the rest of the society governed by them.

In other words, to the people lesser educated about the US: Intersectionality is just radical racism and sexism through the backdoor, it doesn't change anything, and violent anti-racist protests and arbitrary juristic accusations against whoever is in the wrong place at the wrong time aren't going to fix your country (neither they bake you a loaf of bread) - just like a drifting back to nostalgia, glorifying golden economic ages which are no more, displaying one's guns in public all the time, disregarding the rules what one's country is made of and governed by, believing in bullshit theories about getting younger and 150 years old through the blood of children, stepping on the lesser financially fortunate and steadily disputing over if the poor deserve to get any handouts like social benefits and a general health insurance (because they're supposedly "of no use to anyone") isn't going to make anything turn to the better.

Each side needs to take a step back from their replacement religion and recognize it for what it is: Something that only takes places in their heads. Imagination.
And then take a precise pragmatic look at what the problems are - facts, not faith.

(It isn't called "theory" for nothing... "Theory" means "explanation pattern lacking scientific proof for it".)

In the case of US society drifting apart and being shortly before fighting each other physically, all supporters of both fractions can take a good look at themselves, if they search someone to blame.
It's your fault altogether!

Just so you heard it for once...
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Posts from This Journal “devil in disguise” Tag