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2011: An earthquake with the magnitude of 9.0 appears under water not far from the coast of Japan.
First the quake itself devastates the area, but more importantly it triggers a tsunami wave which adds on top of this.
A nearby nuclear power plant in Fukushima was affected heavily by both and, due to human arrogance and greed that made it be constructed suitable to economical needs, but not apropriate to the needs of a facility that stands on a cliff coast of a volcanic island, a meltdown appeared during the following days.
400.000 people in estimated numbers had to leave their homes and be evacuated in the zone set by the state around the power plant.
The state of Japan, being located where it is, hung on a thing thread depending on the outcome of the acute actions made to meet this disaster.

Still until this very day, the consequences out of this event keep the authorities busy.

2009, Winnenden, Baden-Württemberg: A 17-year-old student takes a Baretta pistol from his Dad’s possession and kills 13 people at his former school, 2 more and himself on escaping the scene to a psychiatric clinic and eventually a car dealer.

What this case maintains memory with is an opposite to „good police work“ - a SWAT team having surrounded the school couldn’t prevent an 17-year-old from escaping through the backdoor and capturing a random car on the street, including a driver, to continue his killing spree.
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