matrixmann (matrixmann) wrote,

Express yourself

Is "celebrating your sexuality" something that Western mainstream culture meanwhile attributes positively only to women?
'Cause, if a man does that the same way how a woman does that, either they call him "Chauvinist!" or they decline with a thanks, rolling their eyes over the guy "oh man, he's so gay...", which then doesn't count as "an average man celebrating his urges and desires".
So, is it that this celebration of oneself is a female trait in the first place - or is it that a manly style meanwhile has become regarded so much against the public morals, so that only gay men with an instinctive style more similar to women are allowed to celebrate themselves in this point of their personalities (but those don't count as "manly pride" because of their basic sexual orientation and their rather effeminate kind to take this aspect on)?
Tags: controversial, entertainment, flesh, male female, media, psychology, self development, society

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