matrixmann (matrixmann) wrote,

Stolen (The place of hate)

...You know, where you nerd activists for the internet and admonishers of data privacy have been missing?
Not where it was about bringing innovation into the living rooms and free education, not where it was about keeping snooping eyes out of you living room.
It's even more simple.
Where was your word as the internet was turned into a commercial field and a place of the same life seriousness like the real life?
Once it was a harbor for people who felt misunderstood, who had specialized interests and who didn't find anyone to talk to in the same situation so easily right around the corner living next to them. It was a place where people could meet anonymously and not be ashamed about every shit they think and put interest in - or where they needed to calculate that next day some S.W.A.T. team is gonna kick their door in because some dubious fucker didn't like their opinion or decided to act the "concerned citizen"!
Also, there weren't whole industries of lawyers which just live from telling people they violate some big corporation's copyright or they talk the wrong way about movie/game X!
You know where you would have been needed?
Just as this kind of Pandora's box started to be opened! As this resort was turned into a place of jealousy, hate and aggressive agitation!
'Cause when Pandora's box gets opened, you can never close it again. That's exactly what things have become in the reality...
Now all outcasts, misunderstood people and nerds have lost their place to be almost completely. "Almost" because, if you're unlucky, even in the most hidden place in the internet anyone finds you, reads you and sees the need to stop you from what you're doing!
Even all your software to become anonymous again doesn't revoke that process 'cause the race has already begun for long to get a hold of this. Just before it really got started and became a common thing.
...Tell everyone what you think you can do to give this back to them, to the people who wish and who need it - for the sake of creativity or their own sanity.
Tags: devil in disguise, economy, education, history, life, maschinen, menschen, movies, music, networks, politik, psychology, self development, society, survival, system, technology, video games, violence

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