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"History repeats itself, the war will soon begin"
Silent Hill 
7th-Jul-2017 10:11 am
Somebody called me?
Is it just me or has there really been a technical downgrade between the original Silent Hill series (I-IV) and the later installments, although for V there's been the hike-up to the next-generation consoles?
8th-Jul-2017 04:30 pm (UTC) - Re: YES. YES Yes yes.
I have some to that idea because of the streaming scene over at Twitch. It's literally easy to get a glimpse of what the games look like compared to the later titles. And I came to this idea because - even though V wasn't that bad as a game, and even Downpour might survive on its own if it only wasn't placed as a Silen Hill title, still you think like only the rooms they can depicture in 3D got bigger, but, in terms of disturbance, they're really much a downgrade from II and III. Even still IV had its moments in this where you think like "this is really sick" because of the graphic enactment.
V lives quite a lot from its violent actions, less than from its disturbing sets, in this point they're often quite "clean". And Downpour is just a whole different thing compared to them all (although this void that keeps hunting the character, you can consider it a change that, depending on his nature and his problems, fits the content even though, but only for this character); the biggest negative point on it is, I think, you notice that it's a typical American story with emphasis on values and things that Americans would place there in those spots - and that's quite boring to the world as it's not like there didn't exist a thousand movies already about that.
Only the way to kill the end boss is quite interesting as you shut off his oxygen supply to kill him, like "putting him out of his misery".

Never the less, in gestures a James or a Heather seem much more like real people, much more than a Murphy does. In V, it's more the voice acting of Alex that creates that atmosphere, less the animated appearance (which is also quite full of logic errors...); Henry in IV nobody needs to drop a word about, I guess that everyone agrees that his nobody-ness is the great weak point in this game. Compared to that, Eileen you can feel a lot stronger as a person. Although I don't know if that maybe was the intention for the main acting character that you play...

Silent Hills and the P.T. demo I know about that the full game's been canceled because of important people working on the project leaving the publisher Konami. So it's an issue of copyright issues.
Not that Konami's got no other such issues stuck on their heels because for the old games, they didn't care about making contracts with the voice actors back then.
That's why the HD versions of it are also for the garbage can 'cause they couldn't even really use the old dub ('cause they've done shit back then as the games were created), even if it wouldn't be for them saying themselves the lost the finished program code for the games (!).

As far as I caught it, that's why the half-raw PC versions of II and III saw a little revival because technically you can easier pull high resultion graphics out of them by default than out of the Playstation versions of the games (although I don't know what emulators could do to them too, but that's seemingly always a risky business because of their legally "grey" position).
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