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"History repeats itself, the war will soon begin"
School dropout 
5th-Jul-2017 01:56 am
Waiting for command
"You think, when you're out of school you're free, sonny? Oh, hell no! Then work life calls for you - and work life is only a continuation of what's been happening in school, only worse and even more strict. What you already were there, you gonna be also in your job life. If you were a loser, a slacker or a victim of your school mates' coping methods for boredom already there, then you gonna be the same among your colleagues. A really, really small cog in the clockwork...
The only way you'll not be forced to deal with this is when you happened to be born to an incredibly wealthy family or if you managed to become rich on your own before the day you leave school. Which is like zero probability.
So, don't even try to think you're a bigwig that gets his way."
5th-Jul-2017 10:39 pm (UTC)
I think you mistake me for a one-phrase-show...
I'm not only the stunt "the system is bad", I'm also the stunt "fucker, turn your head to the right side nature has intented the face to be on and turn it with the mouth upwards as it's also supposed to be!", meaning "the system is bad, but if you just play the slacker, you also not gonna win only a flower pot even in a system that is fair!"
To me "the system is bad" is not the ultimate answer. Humans are bad and undisciplined as well - and think they're Gods while they're just barely more than bedwetters.
That's not the way the stage play's gonna work like.
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