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"History repeats itself, the war will soon begin"
School dropout 
5th-Jul-2017 01:56 am
Waiting for command
"You think, when you're out of school you're free, sonny? Oh, hell no! Then work life calls for you - and work life is only a continuation of what's been happening in school, only worse and even more strict. What you already were there, you gonna be also in your job life. If you were a loser, a slacker or a victim of your school mates' coping methods for boredom already there, then you gonna be the same among your colleagues. A really, really small cog in the clockwork...
The only way you'll not be forced to deal with this is when you happened to be born to an incredibly wealthy family or if you managed to become rich on your own before the day you leave school. Which is like zero probability.
So, don't even try to think you're a bigwig that gets his way."
5th-Jul-2017 08:04 pm (UTC)
Interesting conversation but why are you so circled on school? I like my own school times – yes I was sometimes bitten, bullied as all but it is normal practice of Russian social institutes I guess but I remember much more positive things about school days – many friends and I communicating with them now, sport activity, kind and generous teachers, many first experiences, self-growth and many many other things. Institutes times all the same I was bitten but not bullied already. Work times – all the same but not bitten so I don’t see no dramatic here.
What is about a work talk – my dream is to have work which will feed me and my family and will be a happiest time spending, partly it is now though it is very physically difficult – it will not be this I think farther more when everything will be at place. I could work 8 hours a day on a plant and be happy with time left but the salaries in Russia are so low that it is better to work by himself and it is more profitable if you really work – no matter what you are doing – food, wood, driving even it gives you more money than fucking businessmen are willingly paying to you now at Russia, so then fuck them all and lets them do all the work by themselves…
But of course I am not dreaming to escape the society - it is impossible and is not necessary cause society with a clever using - a helpful more than harmful thing I believe, maybe if I will flee to Siberia I could be free of it but I have to do ALL by himself and it is a sweat dream and even “if” our mother Earth actually is so small now to hide - you should go to ocean or to space to get rid of our common destiny I think...
5th-Jul-2017 10:58 pm (UTC)
It is what I have more connections. Perhaps due to age. All other things I won't name...

I've got the impression like there's quite a respective mass out there in the school-age which gets fooled from the back to the front - by the adults, by their parents, by society, but also by the cultures that they develop themselves.
Adults tell them "work like a horse, so you will have" - which is like a slap in the face these days. You can work like a horse and not be rewarded too. It's not like a law of nature that you get when you have given - that's what they should tell them.
On the other side, they should also tell them "but if you keep staying at home, playing all the day and hanging around with your friends, it's not gonna bring you a future either - to a certain point you must adapt to the circumstances; but please don't do more than only your duty! Don't break your bones for work or to be recognized! They don't recognize you, they only recognize what your hands and feet can do!".
And, what lies on the third side is: Youth shouldn't think like it's invincible and that the world's gonna wait for them, that they're so special that others give up everything for them.
If they want this to happen, first, they gonna need to come up with some arguments for why somebody should do so. In other words: For wanting the world to wait for you, you've gotta do something so the world sees reason to do so. And there's no starting with less than that.
Show some ambition, aim for higher, don't be content if you already get bits of the cake - try to get the whole cake! What are bits compared to the whole cake?
In a way: Don't think you're Superman, BE Superman! Yes, fucking be what you fantasize in your head, fill it with some content and backbone! Just don't only play the narcissistic spoiled brat!

I think these are all things one must be told at least once 'cause only then you wake up from your dream.
And there are quite many who dream! But only dream like sleeping the whole day, not dream like "I got a vision of something that I want to be true in 5 years".
5th-Jul-2017 11:30 pm (UTC)
I agree with you and could add to these your thoughts many my speculations but I say simply that in education, morality base I tend to old religions like Buddhism, Hinduism and they teach a lot.
The problem of yesterday is a slavery the problem of today is stupidity - people wish what they don't need to live happily and are spending so much efforts to be as others - to have this and that and this wrong thinking is driving them to nowadays slavery - debts, jobless, drugs and so on. I like strict logic - you are a man - you need to eat - you have to get some food and so on but not vice versa like you are stupid useless fat old arse - you are in debts, you have to do something (to kill somebody somewhere) and your debts will be reduced little and so on for example... It would be fun if tomorrow people will be born with debts...

BTW with analyzing the contradictions of religions we could get a glimpse of what is real.
5th-Jul-2017 11:49 pm (UTC)
I just came across an old thought (I think it was an old one) and then it came to me "You know, that's actually not unimportant to note. It's something of a lesson. Many people - youngsters - run around just like the real innocent and think God-knows-what the world holds for them, gives them for free and what their future's gonna look like! And hell what, what a fucking lie that is that they get made believe...".
I know it from own experience nobody's gonna tell you this.
All people just play the enthusiastic "all's gonna end well"-simpleton and that's it. If you don't succeed, you fall into a dark hole and ask yourself for what the hell you did wrong.
But at times, it may even be you did NOTHING wrong at all. It's just the world telling you "Fuck you!" - but, as you can maybe guess, the rest of your surroundings is trying to tell you differently. Push the blame on your side even though.

It's hell of a lot complicated, my brain all needed to learn all this many years ago on its own. There was no-one to help it concretely in that issue. And it was a way of hurt - because you didn't choose to believe in fairy tales, but just the systematic reality.
6th-Jul-2017 08:39 pm (UTC)
I don't know education is a difficult matter but I tell you that my institute was such a place where everyday you are in dark hole and everyday it seems the world is telling you Fuck off, I am constantly through my life after I had finished this wonderful school are seeing a nightmare that I am at institute again and have an exam... So, you know I believe I could get anything and it is normal for me to get through numerable failures it is not affecting me in no way... I am glad to study new things, to try new things, to reach new horizons...
What it is about youngsters we have in Russia still good schools, teachers but yeah not many parents and children are ready to go through such obstacles while there is an easy option to pay and don't give a fuck and after yeah life is hard...
7th-Jul-2017 06:51 am (UTC)
Well, in that point I can only note I'm refering to my experiences with the system here.
It's also not only overall orientated towards education, school-education, it's more... the way this society over here works at all. How people think that surround you in a certain age situation. What they try to make you believe in that situation, motivated by good will, but totally blind to the realities that exist. It's also a pretty cheeky and harmful stunt to give youngsters those feelings that they do - because, in reality not everyone is "special" or "so talented" and makes it. In reality you try and fail, you fall on your face, you have to back down before others - it's all anything else but "living what you want to do" and "all doors are open for you". Not even to speak of that's "all just you only need to walk through". Bullshit!
You know, it's... building up false hopes. And giving you the blame for when you're "too dumb" to just fit in to these false hopes. Whether with a reason or not.
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