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"History repeats itself, the war will soon begin"
30th-Jun-2017 12:40 am
"What most people do wrong in understanding politics and processes in society is: All things are interlinked. 5 threads or more inflict influence upon each other at the same time, and that's just only the present! Then add processes that are deeply linked and dependent on history to it.
Everything's as it is because of particular reasons - and the reasons are: The many complex threads of information that meet in one spot.
Trying to get a detailed overview constructed in one's head - like a map of a geographical area - about those actually is understanding the matter.
Unterstanding the matter is the base for developing the path to the future and preventing unwanted processes."
30th-Jun-2017 02:45 pm (UTC)
This is actually dialectics. Which is the key to understanding the complex world by looking at things not as an isolated event or occurrence but interconnected with the all the components around and especially in the frame of society. I remember reading that physicist Michio Kaku, I think his name, so he predicted the alternative fuel, holograms, flying cars like in "Back to future" and all kinds of thing and possibly there is a potential but he is a metaphysics he forgot to look at from the point of view in what economic system it is going to happen and who will lose or gain profit so none of his predictions came true. And politics derives from economics so whoever is controlling economy is dictating politics.
30th-Jun-2017 06:57 pm (UTC)
I never understand the technic enthusiasts how they get upon their dreams what's going to be real in foreseeable time of inventions that sound like they come from a SciFi movie?
It's like they live in some kind of different world 'cause, at least to me, it seems like a thing even a child knows that it doesn't matter what's technically possible, but what the industrial complex finds useful for its purpose, what society doesn't strongly disapprove and what practically is more useful than being an obstacle. What does all that shit use if it only creates chaos and human tragedies?
Holo advertising on the streets - I think if that was real, you wouldn't be doing better than Marty McFly who thinks he's gonna be eaten by a real shark or whatever it was.
In big cities, there's already too much steady advertising on the streets.

I feel like it's really important to nail that down for others that they've gotta look at a couple of factors if they want to do politics, change society or if one person even only wants to change his life.
It's not solved with easy answers; for example: Equality in the treatment of the sexes won't be reached if all people have turned into feminists. What is feminism? F. (another one of there f-words...) is "females are the best humans of all", nothing else.
It's not done with giving females a general advantage in all things and always acting like they're victims or small and can't do anything on their own. That's a treament like a little child!
If one wants to get women in the first row of worldwide-operating enterprises and organizations, he must also appeal to the girls in the world "aim higher, take what you want! don't let anyone tell you that you can't do this and that only because you're a girl! use your brain, work hard, don't act like you'll be given a front position as a present!" - and, one thing else, I find: You needa tell girls the uncompromising truth "if you want to be in the front row in making a career, you can't have children when you're 25 - not in this world". Speaking, you've gotta stop telling girls about the "natural wish" of a woman to want to multiply. I've got the impression like that is preached too often at girls in the West and so anytime they believe it, want it themselves. No matter how much their own lifestyle and their own character doesn't suit that.
By the way: Every men who reaches a high position in any organization or complex, I don't think that their children also get much in profit from them. They're also never at home and present as a father. Actually, their families also need to be done by others!
That's a thing in that matter which should be clarity about and not such politics which want to tell the world how half of it is such a little, helpless anything who needs to get 3 times more rights and possibilities than others. If you preach that long enough to people, they become the exact reflection of that talking. In short: Talk to them like children and they'll be children.

That's already considering one side more for that topic than those lobby groups do, and so actually a very different picture comes together about what needs to be done, if you want to have a certain result. Sure there are also a couple more.

Actually thinking that far on your own, it shows you how dumb and stupid this so-called "activism" is. Not better than easy answers from a totalitarian state.
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