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"History repeats itself, the war will soon begin"
Exchange of residents 
22nd-Jun-2017 03:14 am
Wasteland Ranger
The sellout of public housing in the big cities to private investors is like when the financially strong part of the bourgeoisie conquers the living space of what once has been the place to live of the regular people - poor, middle class and workers. The part of the populace what once made up the natural residents of the cities get driven out of town into the outskirts...
What remains is an unnatural population in the cities, which only looks for entertainment, pleasure, some food to eat - like in an amusement park. The city's there for providing, but it's no home to anyone anymore. Rich hipsters have a room here and there to stay for a night... They jetset around the world, living everywhere.
22nd-Jun-2017 02:03 pm (UTC)
Private investors buy properties because nobody can afford it any more. I read daily about how young people around the world live with parents and such. So it might be that this social cleansing is just the natural result of monopolization of capital. I read five richest people in the world have the same wealth as the the half of the population of the world. So naturally only the richest ones can afford buying properties.
22nd-Jun-2017 03:32 pm (UTC)
It's not about buying properties for housing. In this point - one always wonders how -, still enough normal people can afford it to build them, or at least they can afford to start building them. I don't know what's it about it, what is the strong itch tickling them wanting to have a house. You know, it causes you a lot of work to do even if it's finished. And if you happen to become sick or handicapped in your walking before you die, then it's mostly for the drain 'cause usually nobody builds his house prepared for things like this...

In that point, I think English as a language to express fails one pretty bad... The German vocabulary would be better, I think.
I mean the appartment sector - the towns, especially the big cities, selling out their public housing sector that is about appartments for rent.
Here in Germany, the sector of flats for rent is much more important than the private housing sector and owning property. The majority doesn't live in private houses.

It's about appartment complexes being owned by private investors for the sheer speculation on the market for living space or for refurbishing and then after it renting them for double the price which no normal person can afford that has lived there before.
It's really a terrible plague going round for years and years...
By that rise in prices, the residential townspeople which 20 or 30 years ago and more mostly occupied the living space in the big cities get forced out of them, because they can't afford those prices anymore, who then need to live in the suburban areas.
Inside the big cities, the rich gather or the flats remain empty 'cause no-one can afford to rent them.

(Hope I didn't make any spelling errors right now or forgot to add / delete words.)
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