July 21st, 2019

I see with the eyes of a hunter

Parity by order - Struggle for survival of a system that has become obsolete

The recent obsession with “getting women into high representative offices” - tell you what it’s motivated by behind all this esoteric mumbo jumbo that they want to make believe.
On one hand, it’s enforcing a result what the reigning worldwide system (capitalism) didn’t deliver through the ways it’s designed until today - while there is a social demand for exactly that.
Instead of changing, which would make capitalism be no capitalism anymore, not in the way that the people which previously benefited the most from it continue to do so, they rather set up the plan to suggest the illusion of “okay, we gonna give this to you through enforcement with the crowbar” to get this demand superficially satisfied. “Superficially” because it’s a simple pattern of reigning through dogmatic decrees and entitling by favoring of mere physical features, instead of the previous pattern “sort out the most able for a job” (which is how capitalism, as well as any other system, stays capable to keep up itself). It’s not a realistic merit achieved by personal skills of character, it’s just an “accomplishment” like through a big famous name, connections or crawling up someone’s ass. Knowing who to give a blowjob to do a favor in order to get promoted.
On the other hand, it may be a tactic to activate a potential reserve of skilled workers which they’ve stopped investing a single penny in in the Western countries for several decades - now that they can already see the end of the brain drain from countries that still kept investing in the school education of its people because there are no skilled workers anymore in these, ready and willing to leave. They’ve already lured them all over to their side.
In other terms: If they still want some skilled workers to do the jobs, they’ve got to spend money again on some to actually become able to do so. The big pool they’ve stemmed from in the previous decades of alleged economic boom, it’s empty. Those people which can still come over, they aren’t the types of workers they look for in the Western world and they won’t ever be.
So, what to do? They rediscover their contingent of home-born women which they always tried to keep out of the job cycle because of conservative moral thinking.
But there is a twist - who promised eternal wealth before and told its women “just stay home, rely on a husband”, you can’t just switch the strategy like moving a lever and they all will go for the new craze now. Rather they gonna ask “What the heck is going on?! Why shall I contribute a share now so that I can live the way I do?! Previously things worked without that too!” - and this would be a rational and justified question.
By the way, the women which shall now enter the high ranks, portions of them discover how much the wheelings and dealings of this reigning system is not what they imagine as meaning of life, not what they wish to function like. So there is to make the strong guess large portions of them won’t behave as desired in order to fulfill that purpose which the big plan had intended them for.

Well, the important players of capitalism, knowing that their plan is going to fail, they already grab one of their jokers in this - and this is some method they always do: Let the manipulation machine spin restlessly.
Not just igniting and keeping the fire of gender war burning - also appointing a few sorted women into high positions by command immediately and staging that as “proof” of how their system is able though to deliver what society demands. This is what will be the “female quota”.
If there will be the abled ones among them, or not rather those who only know how to climb up a ladder in a hierarchy and which are eager for a big paycheck for the least amount of work to do, well, judge yourself...

So, basically in brief: This zeitgeisty mumbo jumbo currently is not much else than a trial of capitalism as it is to save its own ass for another time and go on living for some few years more.
In-depth, it’s just one big show - nothing really changes.
And as soon as it can already afford it again, this system’s gonna kick those women in their asses - just like after WWI and II as they maintained the structures of their respective home countries and helped rebuilding them again.
“Thank you for the job nicely done, but now get the fuck back to the kitchen and bear us a baby, we don’t need your work effort anymore!” - that’s what it’ll end in anytime.
(Mind you: The same like men have experienced if they worked of their ass for a firm for 20 years and then get fired during the next big mass dismissal for the shareholders’ dividend.)

Resource: https://matrixmann.livejournal.com/124412.html