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"History repeats itself, the war will soon begin"
June 1st, 2018 
Yuber Suikoden I
In times of scapegoats and strong enemy images, everyone can become a hero through catching one.
Catch one, deliver him, receive your medal or your star on your jacket.
You're a fucking hero! You saved society from somebody!
Although we don't know if he's really a threat or if it's just us who don't want to understand him...
Gone with the shit we can't calculate, gone with it what appears threatening to us! Even though the only one who scares anyone is ourselves...
So, brave soldier, be smug about your action! Flatter yourself all day long about your trophies and show them to everyone!
Now that's what you call a "valuable member of society"!
People smarming over the rules which the top class of the hierarchy decides on - in this reign, in that reign, like a weather vane!
Who said that you can't sleep with someone for the promotion with even no need to touch a centimeter of his skin?
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