April 10th, 2018

Yuber Suikoden I

Civilian training for dangerous situations

New training and regulations for police officers in case of a terror attack - well, nice and neat.
And when does somebody start education for the civilians to behave in such a situation or how to help others? When does the schooling start to mentally prepare civilians for stressful situations like this, so they'll be able to handle them better than just running around aimlessly and screaming?
I know, the only place where people train this in any kind of related way, and this again by own efforts, is in paintball parks and airsoft compounds - and then it'll be loudly called "paramilitary education" with a fat negative judgment attached to it, like what monsters these people are and how morally condemnable it is what they do. Some self-asserted anti-gun and anti-violence activists for sure gonna add their reproaches to it too and come around the corner again with their typical acting "Oh, we all don't need this! Let's hug and sing songs! Terrorists gonna join too, if we beg them long enough!" and whoever doesn't join their choir, that one will be bullied even more hostilely than people play violently with fake guns on these closed farms.