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"History repeats itself, the war will soon begin"
15th-Mar-2016 12:00 pm
Ready (alternative default)
2011: The beginning of something in Syria that didn't end in an upheaval like the Arab spring, but resulted in a full-fledged armed war.
6th-Apr-2017 10:01 pm (UTC)
Yes, I remember as it was started as if it was yesterday... Ukrainian soldiers on tanks are roaming aimlessly between the villages locals are crying on them to get the fuck out... and after Ukrainian Nazi have came and real fights have started...
7th-Apr-2017 06:56 am (UTC)
Er, think you took the wrong post.
But nevertheless, I know which one's context you mean.

Looking back, as those events happened, one actually didn't experience it in such an aware status that it deserved. At least for me it's like this.
Comes from the huge flood of information one got during that time - and then one needed to distinguish between the crap Western media boxed around your ears daily and what one got to hear through other sources.
At first also, one expected it wouldn't become such a huge story.
Meaning, one knows it with experiences from one's own geographical circles, there's protest which lasts for a certain amount of time, but anytime they need to give up just because the police forces come and they drive them away or because the protest itself doesn't generate any results. It's like the elite doesn't listen, but the protesters don't know what to do as next step because they seemingly believed firmly in that anybody important would listen to them.
Well... With such an expectation, it's logiccal that you don't put its value too high and don't pay that much attention.
Surprise then if suddenly the process of the events takes another turn. And that's what it was.
And I think there are no trivial reasons for why this has come this way.
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