matrixmann (matrixmann) wrote,

Point of no return

Change to the concept needs to be laid down in time, otherwise it might be possible that time overtakes and it will be too late.
Many empires didn't recognize that point, even fought back against it. Who says that this cannot happen again? Who says everything that is known today still will be known in a hundred years? Who says that breakdowns which happen every few centuries cannot happen today anymore?
Who says that all people involved are that smart to avoid that?
There was a time where European countries fought against each other and longed for superior power in the the continent. The European project that is known today which finds its roots after WWII is a stark contradiction to that behavior. Who says they can't fall back to that through certain disputes that couldn't be agreed on a solution?
Who says that a country with a history only up to 250 years old, not counting the several inner disputes in between, could not suddenly break apart?
Who would have thought that affinities that lasted for hundreds of years suddenly would end in growing enmity only because of interferences of external powers that barely know anything about the history of that places?
Can someone really predict what'll happen to the world as you know it these days?
Nothing of that is written. Everything stays in a dynamic, and the more people exist the more the spiral of conflicts and changes seems to spin faster into a development that its original creators didn't mean to come so soon that they could still experience it.
They try to think that they can build a kingdom that outlasts at least their lifetime so they can build a nice existence garnished with privileges and securities that guarantee them a living in the lap of luxury.
But they underestimate the driving force behind their luxury and what it brings to all other people which can't live by that standard.
The misery they generate with their way of living and the disagreements these oligarchs even have among themselves creates the atmosphere of hate, turmoil, which creeps closer to end their existence.
If they like to stay caught up in this collision on interests, try to sit it out, it will be hate they sowed themselves which will overwhelm them - once more, like the immobility struck down the former enemies of these interest groups.
Tags: economy, europe, europäische union, history, lake, networks, philosophie, politik, psychology, reform, stupidity, system, violence, west vs. east

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