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"History repeats itself, the war will soon begin"
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31st-Dec-2037 08:21 pm - [sticky post] General notice
Wasteland Ranger
Advise to all arriving visitors:

If you share extreme political right-wing points of view, in fact if you call yourself a November Alfa Zulu India and look for a comrade, I'd advise you to better leave my territory.
I am armed, but I am none of your kind.
Get clear of this before you add me to your list.

For the dangerous times' sake:

Descriptions of violence in this journal are either a rhetorical device (Stilmittel) to convey content or part of a discussion.
Any similarities to living persons given at any time are purely unintentional.
Ambitions to harm anyone in the reality are NEVER given.

Political partisanship:

I'm one of the many people which watch the processes inside the big clockwork, for the reasons that it's either their job or for private hobby interest.
If you wanna chase criminals planning to kill any living persons, go some other place!
You only get on the nerves of an ordinary person!

Another content note:

This is an NWO-free zone.
If you like to cling to this theory or the other likes, you've landed at the wrong space. Spreading of these kinds of contents is not desired as it is highly speculative substance whose proofs primarily work in the minds of their believers.
If not subject of an entry, there's no wish in discussing that matter or making it available to an audience.

About sharing:

If one writes openly, he needs to live with other entities reposting his content.
As long as no-one tries to generate personal gain (money, damage to others), it'll be okay with that.
In other cases remains the possibility to link because links don't take away anything from the place it once was put out.

Anonymous commenting generally is enabled, unless spam occurred or somebody is trying hard to molest or have a fight.

Summer of Hardstyle 2017

Info about the campaign been here
and here.

21st-Jun-2018 10:43 pm - Corset
Dark (1)
If you felt the bars of the cage at home all your life, the worst discovery for you to make is: Once you leave home for the first time, outside of your parents' realm there are even more grates.
17th-Jun-2018 12:00 pm - Erinnerung
Wasteland Ranger
Originally posted by matrixmann at Erinnerung

Berlin, 17. Juni 1953: Traue nicht deinem Geschichtsbuch.

Berlin, June 17th 1953: Don't trust your history book.

11th-Jun-2018 02:22 pm - Bright like pastel (but also messy)
Somebody called me?
Hm - why is it that nearly every modern game, which wants to call oneself "realistic" at the same time, still looks like one bright motley pixel mashup? Even those presenting themselves with a background scenario that is downright inviting for a darker overall layout seem to do that... (And Overwatch only is like the peak of the iceberg which introduced this visual design. It exists for far longer already.)
Even Dos-Games all didn't try so hard to be like a comic.
Yuber Suikoden I
"You tell me it's racism / sexism if I talk bad about a person whose skin is darker than mine / who has different fuck habits than me?
Who's talking here all the fucking time "He needs to be preferred because he's from a marginalized social group"?
You know what? If somebody really belongs to a couple of these groups that you call "minorities", you won't even recognize him 'cause you're so caught up in your world of cliches what all of them need to be like! You ever asked one of them what they really want? No, you just think you've found the philosophers' stone and therefore you know all of their pains, all of their needs and all of their wants! And you think they're all one homogeneous mass, like there's no variation between them!
Where's the fucking shit of "everyone forges his own fortune" that you grew up with? Where does all the money come from that you spend every day? You really think that destiny is that tightly set?
Then why don't you give up all your lifestyle and donate it to one of the people you say that they need it much more than you?! If you think you're so privileged, you gonna acquire it back in no time and your life won't be like shit 'cause you're a white cis-gender whore that passes so well in this society..."
1st-Jun-2018 10:30 pm - Heroes of our time
Yuber Suikoden I
In times of scapegoats and strong enemy images, everyone can become a hero through catching one.
Catch one, deliver him, receive your medal or your star on your jacket.
You're a fucking hero! You saved society from somebody!
Although we don't know if he's really a threat or if it's just us who don't want to understand him...
Gone with the shit we can't calculate, gone with it what appears threatening to us! Even though the only one who scares anyone is ourselves...
So, brave soldier, be smug about your action! Flatter yourself all day long about your trophies and show them to everyone!
Now that's what you call a "valuable member of society"!
People smarming over the rules which the top class of the hierarchy decides on - in this reign, in that reign, like a weather vane!
Who said that you can't sleep with someone for the promotion with even no need to touch a centimeter of his skin?
27th-May-2018 12:01 am - Ferngesteuerte Autos
Something's happened here...
Soll man 'mal eines nennen, was einem modisch in dieser Zeit auf die Nerven geht?
Das epidemische Ausbreiten von solchen Erscheinungen wie diesen Hipster-Bärten.
Jeder Idiot, der 'was auf sich hält, lässt sich seit neuestem einen Urwald am Kinn wachsen... Komischerweise kommen wieder alle wie von Zauberhand zur gleichen Zeit darauf.
Und dann noch die Begleiterscheinungen: Nach außen hart und etwas männlicher wirken wollen, aber dann, bei der kleinsten Schwierigkeit im Leben, tritt dann doch der übliche Hasenfuß zu Tage, der nach dem Motto lebt "Kamerad, sei nicht feige, lass mich hinter den Baum!". Dann sind die Holzfällerhemden doch nur äußerer Schein und die so männlich wirken wollenden Möchtegern-Charaktere sind die Waschlappen, die sie vor dem Bartwuchs auch gewesen sind...
Schlimm wird es, wenn noch solche Erscheinungen wie "Fitness" und "Gesunde Ernährung" hinzukommen. Seltsamerweise will ein guter Teil dieser Mitläufer plötzlich irgendeine Nahrungsmittelunverträglichkeit an sich entdeckt haben, seine Ernährung au "vegan" oder zumindest "vegetarisch" umstellen, zur gleichen Zeit säuft man aber immer noch täglich literweise Energy-Drinks und den ein oder anderen Coffee to go, am wenigsten wahrscheinlich schwarz, sondern irgendeine Variante von den dicken Zuckerbomben.
Irgendein anderer Schelm, der dort den großen Widerspruch sieht?
Ach ja... Und gleich auch noch, wenn man Brillenträger ist, trägt man auch noch eine auf der Nase, welche direkt von Großvater gestohlen sein lönnte! Gläser so groß wie Untertassen (aber, zugegeben, das haben Die Atzen auch schon vor etwa 10 Jahren als cooles Partyaccessoire beworben...), fehlt nur noch, dass sie auch wieder so dick wie Aschenbecher werden.
Will nicht noch einer wieder weiße Kragenhemden und Hosenträger haben?
Ach ja, nein, die letzteren sind ja von der politisch falschen Fraktion... Und das erstere wird sowieso schon getragen, wenn man nur zum Vorstellungsgespräch muss. Oder wenn man es schon früh schafft, ein großes Tier zu werden. Mitte 20, sieht aber aus wie ein alter Mann (hat nur vergessen, mit dem Haarefärben aufzuhören) - ja, dafür hat man den Weg in die Moderne angetreten! Dafür haben frühere Generationen ihre Leben und ihre Nerven gelassen, haben vielleicht sogar im Knast dafür gesessen... Nur damit ein halbes Jahrhundert später wieder alle wie ihre Großväter herumlaufen! Oder modebewusste Hasenfüße sind, die so selbstständig denken wie ein Wolf im Rudel...

Was soll man nun aus dieser Beschwerde entnehmen?
Nichts! Eine Beschwerde über Hässlichkeit.
Und nein - daran ist das Wetter nicht schuld!
Damit hat der Klimawandel einmal NICHTS zu tun!
Man muss den armen Sündenbock ja auch 'mal schonen...
Der muss ja mittlerweile für alles herhalten.
20th-May-2018 11:14 am - Failed
Dark (1)
"After [...] (insert whatever massacre you like here), we said "Never again!".
But what we forgot is that "make believe" is a part of human nature and we've got to make sure what people belief in. Nonsense or sense. Psychotic dreams and fiction or reality and the ability to learn to solve problems.
We didn't do that, instead turned a blind eye, blustered about guns and mental disease all the time, creating scapegoat images, pointing with our fingers at other people we deem different from us, and continued investing even more in believing in delusions and the power of the mighty one who can trick all people and get whatever he wants.
So we, as a society, get what we deserve..."
12th-May-2018 06:07 pm - Hermit
Dark (1)
You know something that can really make you desperate about the internet these days?
It has become so rare that you can talk to somebody about a topic from politics, social sciences or other humanities in a manner with the niveau that a normally educated person can have.
Mostly you run into activists or people which keep blogging excessively about one single topic and their view is as narrowed as a cat’s pupil in broad daylight. Also, the atmosphere is constantly a little aggressive and you keep feeling like you’re really stupid about that topic, although there might be not much reason to think so.
It’s... somehow a time episode and a development state of culture where those who consider themselves as “the fallen”, “the suppressed” or “the lesser heard voices” (be it that it factually is partly true or completely based on personal imagination) all draw back to their lonely islands, form groups of frustration and anger, and specialize themselves in the one and only topic which they see themselves disadvantaged in, additionally emphasizing all the time, to outsiders as well as in the group, what throws them into this state.
But, important thing that totally goes lost on them is: They lose the view about what happens left or right from them. What happens outside their established and closed group. What takes place outside of their narrow focus and their war for being not so disadvantaged anymore.
Even the more, they even tend to forget there are other people too which are disadvantaged, but through a totally different aspect. It would never come to mind for these to form alliances with those other underprivileged people in order to create something that erases this suppressed state from both of them, partly or completely (what is realistic to be turned into living conditions).
And that is what just makes it so frustrating...
Lonely islands taking a bath in their own frustration, each for itself, everyone thinks he’s the most suppressed and disadvantaged, and all through the while they even create the strangest personal views that all non-insiders can’t follow or even support anymore - ‘cause they’re so far from the reality that takes place and they even seem to make a step back again from the course of an advanced society.
Speaking: Everyone who doesn’t agree is part of the arch enemy. New input not allowed. Even if it is due, even if it has a grounded factual base, even if it might be correct. “Don’t you dare to disturb the purity of our belief! Leave us the hell alone, we want to keep grumbling in unity... ‘Cause grumbling is our everyday legitimation to be alive.” And the grumbling goes on and on for all eternity, never changing anything on the origins what makes those people grumble, and steadily keeping on being locked to the solution patterns the group suggests to overcome the problems. Never checking out if they still suit, if time didn’t overcome them, prove them wrong, or they were correct and not short-sighted in the first place.
In short: “All other people are dumb and we found the Holy Grail.”

For every corner that exists in the internet, you find groups behaving like that - all behaving the same style, like someone hooked up their brains to a machine and now controls how these people dance.

Previous writing, some other aspect: https://matrixmann.livejournal.com/243298.html
9th-May-2018 01:59 pm - Exclusive meat
Something's happened here...
Heute kam der besoffene Elch in die Pfanne.
Mal gucken wie der schmeckt...

Today the drunken moose got into the pan.
Let's see what he tastes like...
8th-May-2018 12:00 pm - Erinnerung
Wasteland Ranger
Originally posted by matrixmann at Memento

Tag der Befreiung.
Victory in Europe Day.
2nd-May-2018 12:00 pm - Erinnerung
Wasteland Ranger
Originally posted by matrixmann at Erinnerung

Odessa, 2014: Human ugliness presents itself in its best form.
People hunt other people through the streets, force them in a corner in a building, set it on fire in the entrance - inside they beat the fleeing people up, those who manage to escape the fire and jump through the window get a "welcome" to the ground with the same treatment, those who manage to get on the roof remain the only ones left alive.
Bodies from the inside all pile up with a face burned black like coal.
26th-Apr-2018 12:00 pm - Erinnerung
Wasteland Ranger
Originally posted by matrixmann at Erinnerung

1986: Pripyat, Ukraine. During an excercise of a complete blackout in the nuclear power plant "Chernobyl" an explosion in one of the reactors happened. First kept under the rug for days what truly has happened, later the whole town and surrounding area was evacuated.
During the following months, a sarcophagus as a means to stop the worst was built above the reactor to prevent the meltdown to soak into the ground and the radioactive dust to escape into the air.
Still until today it remains not absolutely sure what were the true origins of the fallout, if either purely human error or the addition of an earthquake directly under the reactor which it didn't suit for.

2002: Erfurt, Germany. A former student of an academic high school comes up to his school in the midmorning during the yearly period of the exams and kills 16 people as well as himself in a killing spree.
20th-Apr-2018 10:06 am - Memoria
Imagine the world as an endless building that constantly keeps building up, piling up bricks and building material.
Simple structures make the start, but turn to complex systems over time.
And even complex systems develop many branches that are hardly to survey anytime.
Experience gathers, information gathers, memories (both silent and actively present) gather.
That's why this process keeps happening...
Until someone might give it a closure through total destruction of everything that commits this process.

Everyone who would want to make an attempt for a change to human civilization or his own cultural norms should better regard it like that 'cause that's why past things and circumstances can't be reconstructed and rebuild the same way they once used to be. Ideological purity as desired can't be maintained over all epochs - simply because things keep changing. New things add, some things drop from the boat.
Purity would mean to regard these innovations with a mindset that doesn't suit making a judgment over these things, that's completely unable to do so, or it would mean to totally ignore it and by that ignoring the signs of the time, changes inside the building that constantly piles up.
So to say, it would mean to try to conserve a construct of circumstances and influences for all eternity, which isn't possible in a world that's subject and slave to a circle consisting of birth and death.
People that are responsible for the world of yesterday won't naturally exist forever, so their world and thoughts on it don't do so too. So also purity can't be maintained forever.
Wake thought and mind is what better controls the stream of ideology - 'cause it makes ideology keeping up to date with problems that appear and with developments that unfold.
This doesn't even mean a betrayal to a cause or club 'cause as long as the general path, the general thinking pattern, remains the same structure, it isn't like someone has left the path he has assigned himself to before. He just bows down to the process of how things work in general: A building that constantly keeps piling up, creating new structures here and there, dropping old styles, not continuing some of these new branches, continuing some of the old ones with new components.
14th-Apr-2018 11:26 am - Sudden inspiration
I see with the eyes of a hunter
Some little nonbinding suggestion for the radical feministas that like to absorb the #MeToo for their own purposes:

If it's your deep desire to have no sex, or only very rarely, and be not annoyed by stuff that is about fleshly desires, then just come to say you're asexual. The family is really big with all kinds of different people!
But, this comes with a little condition: If you admit yourself to seeking no sexual relationships with men, women or whatever else on the spectrum, just pragmatic, platonic or romantic connections, then you've gotta put your eyes and ears into deaf mode really much a lot and you've got to enforce your desires and limits consequently, whenever someone attempts to violate them.
And you've got to learn to read other peoples' intentions. Not tell the whole world all the time it's their duty to create your sex-clean world.
You didn't guess that being asexual has a decent number of people in society identifying with it, really?
So, nobody needs to have your asexual mindset in the back of his head, you've gotta stand for that yourself.
Every. fucking. time.
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