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"History repeats itself, the war will soon begin"
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31st-Dec-2037 08:21 pm - [sticky post] General notice
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Advise to all arriving visitors:

If you share extreme political right-wing points of view, in fact if you call yourself a November Alfa Zulu India and look for a comrade, I'd advise you to better leave my territory.
I am an armsman, but I am none of your kind.
Get clear of this before you add me to your list.

For the dangerous times' sake:

Descriptions of violence in this journal are either a rhetorical device (Stilmittel) to convey content or part of a discussion.
Any similarities to living persons given at any time are purely unintentional.
Ambitions to harm anyone in the reality are NEVER given.

Political partisanship:

I'm one of the many people which watch the processes inside the big clockwork, for the reasons that it's either their job or for private hobby interest.
If you wanna chase criminals planning to kill any living persons, go some other place!
You only get on the nerves of an ordinary person!

Another content note:

This is an NWO-free zone.
If you like to cling to this theory or the other likes, you've landed at the wrong space. Spreading of these kinds of contents is not desired as it is highly speculative substance whose proofs primarily work in the minds of their believers.
If not subject of an entry, there's no wish in discussing that matter or making it available to an audience.

About sharing:

If one writes openly, he needs to live with other entities reposting his content.
As long as no-one tries to generate personal gain (money, damage to others), I'll be okay with that.
Just one condition: Please ask me before reposting my content. This applies especially to artistic texts.
In other cases remains the possibility to link because links don't take away anything from the place it once was put out.
(Due to the recent EU copyright reform, I need to add some emphasis to this point.)

Anonymous commenting generally is enabled, unless spam occurred or somebody is trying hard to molest or have a fight.

Summer of Hardstyle 2017

Info about the campaign been here
and here.

12th-May-2019 07:40 pm - Millennials' cross
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Little reminder to all adults:

What do you think how kids imagine the world can be changed if they recognize they live in circumstances of systematic disadvantage, if they've been born in times of peace and drastic upheavals, to them, are only a matter they know from history books or tales of their grandparents? What solution you want them to get to if all they know is "obey, make no trouble and you'll be rewarded"?
8th-May-2019 12:00 pm - Erinnerung
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Originally posted by matrixmann at Memento

Tag der Befreiung.
Victory in Europe Day.
30th-Apr-2019 10:42 am - Lack of rain
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The time period of drought starts up again in Central Europe this year... Just for the note.
26th-Apr-2019 12:00 pm - Erinnerung
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Originally posted by matrixmann at Erinnerung

1986: Pripyat, Ukraine. During an excercise of a complete blackout in the nuclear power plant "Chernobyl" an explosion in one of the reactors happened. First kept under the rug for days what truly has happened, later the whole town and surrounding area was evacuated.
During the following months, a sarcophagus as a means to stop the worst was built above the reactor to prevent the meltdown to soak into the ground and the radioactive dust to escape into the air.
Still until today it remains not absolutely sure what were the true origins of the fallout, if either purely human error or the addition of an earthquake directly under the reactor which it didn't suit for.

2002: Erfurt, Germany. A former student of an academic high school comes up to his school in the midmorning during the yearly period of the exams and kills 16 people as well as himself in a killing spree.
15th-Apr-2019 08:46 pm - Notre Dame is on fire!!
Something's happened here...
Notre Dame de Paris is being destroyed in a fire that broke out in the evening hours!!
9th-Apr-2019 05:33 pm - Betreuung
I see with the eyes of a hunter
Wisst ihr, was allein schon an dem Begriff "Kinderbetreuung" falsch ist?
Der Teil "Betreuung". "Betreuen" bedeutet nämlich, dass man auf etwas aufpasst, sich zwar darum kümmert, aber nur den Ist-Zustand verwaltet. Was soll das also in Bezug auf Kinder bedeuten? Will man sie nur parken - oder will man sie auf das Leben vorbereiten? Sollen sie nur beschäftigt werden bis Mama und Papa wiederkommen - oder soll aus ihnen etwas werden, sodass sie guten Gewissens mit sieben in die Schule gehen können ohne überfordert zu werden? Ist in dem Vorgang mit integriert, dass sie auch irgendwann einmal groß sein werden und sich dann in dieser Welt zurechtfinden können müssen?
"Betreuung" allein zielt nämlich an sich nicht darauf ab, etwas aufzubauen, sodass die Kinder eines Tages in der Gesellschaft lebensfähig sind. Es hört sich an wie als wenn man lediglich auf eine temporäre Anforderung der Außenwelt reagiert, aber dabei nicht plant. Außerdem klingt es, in Bezug auf die eigenen Kinder, verwendet von Eltern selbst, als sei es etwas lästiges - etwas, woran man keine Freude hat. Wozu schafft man sich dann Kinder an, wenn sie einem doch in irgendeiner Form lästig sind - und man die Verantwortung über sie am liebsten abgeben würde?
Darüber sollte man mal ernsthaft bei der Verwendung dieses Begriffs nachdenken.
1st-Apr-2019 12:10 am - For April Fools' day
Something's happened here...
Seriously, never anybody thought about the literal meaning of such a brand like "blend-a-dent"?
26th-Mar-2019 12:00 pm - Erinnerung
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Originally posted by matrixmann at Erinnerung

2015: Saudi Arabia's campaign to bomb Yemen starts.
24th-Mar-2019 12:00 pm - Erinnerung
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Originally posted by matrixmann at Erinnerung

1999: NATO unleashes warfare over Yugoslavia.
20th-Mar-2019 12:00 pm - Erinnerung
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Originally posted by matrixmann at Erinnerung

2003: George W. Bush, Tony Blair and other associates go on a search for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, but fail to find them and others even still today don't manage to detect their whereabouts.
They find a head of state trapped in a clink, leave him to the verdict of the locals, pull down a statue and unjustifiably declare themselves to be the winner of the war - whose results still keep them busy for the sake of security.
15th-Mar-2019 12:00 pm - Erinnerung
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Originally posted by matrixmann at Erinnerung

2011: The beginning of something in Syria that didn't end in an upheaval like the Arab spring, but resulted in a full-fledged armed war.
11th-Mar-2019 12:00 pm - Erinnerung
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Originally posted by matrixmann at Erinnerung

2011: An earthquake with the magnitude of 9.0 appears under water not far from the coast of Japan.
First the quake itself devastates the area, but more importantly it triggers a tsunami wave which adds on top of this.
A nearby nuclear power plant in Fukushima was affected heavily by both and, due to human arrogance and greed that made it be constructed suitable to economical needs, but not apropriate to the needs of a facility that stands on a cliff coast of a volcanic island, a meltdown appeared during the following days.
400.000 people in estimated numbers had to leave their homes and be evacuated in the zone set by the state around the power plant.
The state of Japan, being located where it is, hung on a thing thread depending on the outcome of the acute actions made to meet this disaster.

Still until this very day, the consequences out of this event keep the authorities busy.

2009, Winnenden, Baden-Württemberg: A 17-year-old student takes a Baretta pistol from his Dad’s possession and kills 13 people at his former school, 2 more and himself on escaping the scene to a psychiatric clinic and eventually a car dealer.

What this case maintains memory with is an opposite to „good police work“ - a SWAT team having surrounded the school couldn’t prevent an 17-year-old from escaping through the backdoor and capturing a random car on the street, including a driver, to continue his killing spree.
2nd-Mar-2019 04:54 am - Climate strike
Yuber Suikoden I
Well, what is one supposed to think about that?
Somehow you get the impression like another one of those useless actions humans do, thinking their sit-ins, their stopping to live, their praying and singing stupid songs may impress the Gods to have mercy on them - all while there actually should be to learn that this pilgrimaging to a certain place won't till their fields, won't build them cars or cell-phones or anything else of their dearly-enjoyed modern life that they take as so damn self-evident.
In other words: Boys and girls from schools in the (Western) civilization - if you really want to do anything to help easing the climate disaster, stop quitting school, better go and get quitting wanting a new smartphone for every Christmas or birthday. Better even stop using them completely.
Stop purchasing a new wardrobe just for optical reasons. Stop going vegan for hysteria or hipster reasons - the soy for your meat-replacement products comes from Brazil too, getting shipped over a big ocean.
You really think that using the "angry child wants to get its will and screamingly throws itself upon the floor"-tactics are going to get you anywhere?
Kids, just get real: It really takes to bend over backwards in order to stop the world from spinning for a single second.
And, judging from your ages, there really is to doubt if you actually still care about the subject you make a fuzz about now after a couple of years...
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