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"History repeats itself, the war will soon begin"
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31st-Dec-2037 08:21 pm - [sticky post] General notice
Wasteland Ranger
Advise to all arriving visitors:

If you share extreme political right-wing points of view, in fact if you call yourself a November Alfa Zulu India and look for a comrade, I'd advise you to better leave my territory.
I am armed, but I am none of your kind.
Get clear of this before you add me to your list.

Additional note to the sake of social media:

Comments made via famous data-collecting services or services of data-collecting firms are not desired.
This includes the services of the book to show your face as well as the goggles with two the O's.
If you're not sure if the service you want to use is one of these kraken, better drop it anonymously.

Another content note:

This is an NWO-free zone.
If you like to cling to this theory or the other likes, you've landed at the wrong space. Spreading of these kinds of contents is not desired as it is highly speculative substance whose proofs primarily work in the minds of their believers.
If not subject of an entry, there's no wish in discussing that matter or making it available to an audience.

About sharing:

If one writes openly, he needs to live with other entities reposting his content.
As long as no-one tries to generate personal gain (money, damage to others), it'll be okay with that.
In other cases remains the possibility to link because links don't take away anything from the place it once was put out.

Anonymous commenting generally is enabled, unless spam occurred or somebody is trying hard to molest or have a fight.
25th-Aug-2016 09:19 am - The installation of monoculture
Yuber Suikoden I
As a pick-up of this: http://matrixmann.livejournal.com/97616.html

People talk a lot about their alleged individuality, but when you go through the interests displayed by their social media profiles - and there cannot be made the suspicion they only enter it for distracting other people from guessing their could be something important to get from them -, you come across the same kind of contents over and over again. Privately in real life, it's barely different.
During these years, movies are not the big players in the game, music had been so for a longer amount of time and is no more - due to the various possibilities to go for what they call "your thing" -, literature is something that still passes some people, so TV series are the bigger craze; that's also due to cinema being repetitive and bringing up no new ideas during this episode, doing remakes of everything and nothing they ever created in Hollywood.
And what is the case? Everywhere you go, each country which you come across, people seem to name the same things over and over again as the things they like and the things they are interested in. Nothing against quality, but these days you cannot spare but regarding all of that under some kind of forced political agenda. Eventually - why is everyone excited about content exceptionally mostly produced in the US?
Why do people eat each and every shit of a TV series coming from America?
The biggest gimmicks these days are turning 12 Monkeys into a TV series and the Scream movies! Like they haven't been good enough as they were made!
And people even get excited about content that newly filmed shit! Like they didn't know what originally was supposed to happen!
Why do people worldwide know nothing more than to watch Game Of Thrones, The Big Bang Theory, The Walking Dead, Dexter, Hannibal, Person Of Interest, The Blacklist, Black Sails, Sons Of Anarchy, Breaking Bad - a few years earlier: Teen Wolf, Vampire Diaries, True Blood, Glee, CSI: Miami (and its offsprings from other cities), Navy CIS, Hannah Montana, Taken; even earlier: Emergency Room, Grey's Anatomy, Scrubs, Dr. House, Lost, Desperate Housewifes, Sex And The City, King Of Queens, Gilmore Girls - Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Buffy and so on?!
Are people that stupid or easy to impress that American filming industry always finds an easy way to push their buttons?!
The type of that people which watched all this shit as it was current are those kind to have a habit to tell all tell all Manga / Anime freaks that it's all the same which they consume as an entertainment - that they consume anything that comes from Japan in comics, cartoon movies and video games -, but they themselves are none of the better, only with a different focus of attention!!
Brainwashed and Americanized!
And by that kind of people you wanna be taught a lesson about "being individual" and thinking yourself?
They are as individual as a stencil! They can think from the West side to the East side of the road!
They don't even take notice how much they are like their neighbor!
At the latest since Ikea has become the main sponsor of furniture for lots of apartments, they don't even notice how much even their living room looks like the one of the neighbor!
And those rave the most about being individual, being special and being one in a million that needs to be cried for when they die!
You know what? If you wanna get an opinion about mankind, just fucking look at this targeted remote control and see for yourself!
All fucking caged full purses imagening they're someone and they live in wide open lands.
Wasteland Ranger
...die Leute sollen sich wieder einen Lebensmittelvorrat für ca. 10 Tage und Trinkwasser für mindestens 5 Tage zulegen. Inklusive die staatlichen und allgemeinen übergeordneten Strukturen sollen sich ebenfalls höhere Kapazitäten und Vorkehrungen für den Notfall zulegen.

Ist das wieder die reine Angstmache vor der russischen Förderation oder hat dort jemand etwas vor?
Oder hört dort jemand das Ende seiner Versorgungsstrukturen läuten?
19th-Aug-2016 07:08 am - Feindbild
Waiting for command
"Merkel muss weg!"

"Und dann?"
15th-Aug-2016 06:44 am - Auf Linie bringen
Führerscheinentzug für nicht gezahlten (Kindes-)Unterhalt und andere Delikte, die überhaupt nichts mit jemandes Fahrtauglichkeit zu tun haben - wisst ihr was das ist? Daumenschraube.
Es soll sie niemand mehr einen Fehltritt erlauben, sonst könnte es für ihn den Einstieg in den Ruin bedeuten. Für die Meisten bedeutet Führerscheinentzug zeitgleich auch den Verlust des Arbeitsplatzes - Verlust des Arbeitsplatzes durch mutwilliges Handeln, bringt einem kein Hartz IV ein; wenn man also nicht gerade jemanden kennt, der einen durchfüttert oder Geld leiht, oder der für einen mitarbeitet (was Partner in der Regel tun), bedeutet das herbe Einschnitte. Eine herbe Kettenreaktion.
An solchen finanziellen Dramen sind schon ganze Familien zerbrochen.
Ganz zu schweigen davon, dass man durch den Entzug in seiner Wettbewerbsfähigkeit, in seiner Chance, von einem anderen Arbeitgeber angestellt zu werden, merklich beeinträchtigt ist, weil eine Erlaubnis, ein Kraftfahrzeug zu fahren, heutzutage schon dermaßen zu einer Standardvoraussetzung geworden ist wie ein Schulabschluss.
Niemand wird also versuchen, diese Kette in Gang zu werfen - es tunlichst vermeiden.
9th-Aug-2016 02:05 am - Spit on your tomb
Black suits comin'
Hell is reserved for me,
I dance to the beat,
I have killed who had fucking raped me
you don't say
I play a game,
I have paid back what you fucking did to me

You came to my house,
broke in the door,
3 fucking people
and a scared coward
You came in aroused,
bat to the floor,
straight from the steeple
and pushing forward

The first time was - on the floor,
sent the wimp up to me
and he almost smothered my throat
Waking up in nature, dirty and sore,
doing witch hunt on me,
I'm stumbling down the road

The greatest fucker was -
first they tried to drown me in a well,
the next one took his trousers off,
and hurt me in my shell,
another bastard took off,
and made me show no teeth,
naked and slashed I coughed,
went down towards the sea,
the cop readied the gun behind me,
somehow I tumbled away from them,
found a bridge for me, wet grave,
spread my wings and fell down into the current

Hell is reserved for me,
I dance to the beat,
I have killed who had fucking raped me
you don't say
I play a game,
I have paid back what you fucking did to me

Thought I'd drown,
but somehow I survived,
someone cared for me
and treated my wounds
[down] [down]
back in time,
I remembered who I'd been,
sent back off to land to make you pay what I've had to lose

The first one lost - all of his air,
the next one lost - his skills to see,
the third one lost - his face to me,
the fourth one lost - his pride in chair,
the last one lost - his ass in deep,
and I made the first one kill the last one off,
so a new life was only fair

Hell is reserved for me,
I dance to the beat,
I have killed who had fucking raped me
you don't say
I play a game,
I have paid back what you fucking did to me

Break your head!
Break your bones!
Kneel for me!
Throwing stones!

Your value as a human being - it has worn out!

"Show me what you got, show horse!"

"I have no remorse."


"You'll get no way out."

"For what you've done there is no excuse!"

"If it was your own kid - would you put glory on the abuse?"

Hell is reserved for me,
I dance to the beat,
I have killed who had fucking raped me
you don't say
I play a game,
I have paid back what you fucking did to me

Hell is reserved for me,
I have replaced my pain,
I have killed who had fucking disgraced me,
you don't say
I played a game,
I have claimed back what you fucking took from me

Intended as a Harcore / Gabber / Hardstyle track. No relation to real persons or violence intended.

5th-Aug-2016 11:54 am - Inbuilt to the system
Just an alternative way to approach the gender pay gap discussion:

Don't discuss that women don't get paid as much as their male collegues for performing the same job.
Better discuss that in capitalism each man can be paid a different wage than the other for doing the same job - and this is no crime.
1st-Aug-2016 10:00 pm - Family is more than who donated DNA
A note for a suggestion how to solve the misery when at least one parent isn't the biological ancestor (be it because it is an adoption inside a homosexual couple or an adoption by a couple which is unable to have kids together with each other):

Have one field in the birth application for the biological mother, have one field for the biological father - for the alimony issues, if both are available or can be detected, and for the sake of the child if he wants to meet the one of both he doesn't know (as often guaranteed by rights the state grants to a person to get to know his descent).
Then have another field in the application and in the birth certificate which states "otherwisely responsible care person in the juristic understanding of the rights and duties of a parent". And there you can enter whoever you want that gives his permission. A partner who's not a biological ancestor of that person, a person, like a close friend of the family, which is going to be responsible for the human mentioned on the paper like a parent in case one or both parents can't fully overtake this task or a concrete relative which is not in the direct bloodline grandparents-parents-child.
Additionally, this field should be extendable to more than one person - for the sake of couples being friend and people of trust to the biological parents.
And: It should be changeable anytime when both parties agree or when a court decision orders it.
29th-Jul-2016 07:45 pm - Against exploitation
Waiting for command
Nations are the only thing that can protect you against the impacts of globalization.
26th-Jul-2016 04:27 pm - After a week full of assault
Waiting for command
What is there to say?
This is the world you created.
This is the seeds you have sown.
And this is the harvest you get.
If you receive war, you have fostered war.
The blood that is shed in your circle now -
is otherwisely the blood that is shed somewhere else.
The war reached your neighbordhood.
It disturbs your peace.
Think about what you have done
and how natural it is to you
that you can live thoughtlessly.
Actually this isn't the natural state of things.
Become aware of what life is like
outside your bubble.
23rd-Jul-2016 11:46 am - Аусвайс (Аusweis)
Black suits comin'
Ein netter Aspekt über die "Wiedervereinigung", den man wissen sollte: Abschlüsse, die nicht anerkannt werden, Geburtsurkunden, die nicht anerkannt werden - nur, weil dort ein Stempel mit Hammer, Zirkel und Ährenkranz drauf ist. Als hätten es sich die Leute aussuchen können, in welchem von beiden Staaten sie geboren werden.
Da weiß man schon gleich, dass man nur annektiert wurde.

A nice aspect about the German reunification that everyone should know: Graduations and degrees that don't get acknowledged, birth certificates that don't get acknowledged - only because there's a stamp depicturing hammer, dividers and garland of corn* on it. (*Note: It seems like there's no proper translation for "Hammer, Zirkel und Ährenkranz", so I took it word by word. As such it means the symbol in the flag of the GDR that distinguished the black, yellow and red German flag of that German state from the flag of West Germany, which can be found in the same colors, but blank in that middle space or with the black federal eagle instead.)
As if the people could have chosen which one of both states they were born in.
Such aspects let you know right away that haven't been reunified, but you have been annexed.
20th-Jul-2016 12:00 pm - Erinnerung
Wasteland Ranger
Originally posted by matrixmann at Erinnerung
Mythos vom Widerstand.
Graf von Stauffenberg.

Die drohende Niederlage auf allen Fronten und Verlust von persönlichen Privilegien führte zu dem Beschluss, dass die dilettantische Führung liquidiert werden muss.

Myth about resistance.
Graf von Stauffenberg.

The threat of defeat on all fronts and possible loss of personal privileges lead to the decision that the dilettantish acting leader must be liquidated.
17th-Jul-2016 05:17 pm - Lost
The bus stop turns into the youth club...
First love, first drink, maybe even first time getting physical. And lots of friends.
What has modern society to offer to its youngsters?
Living in sterile, mold-contamined, pimped up flats, celebrating their weekends in used up buildings whose purpose they know at the highest from when they were kids, offered consumer goods which they can never pay, jobs that don't exist and promises that never come into effect. On top, bags of clothes manifactured in the third world which they can cut and rearrange to show how run-down they are, and ugly hair-cuts which make them appear like they have some sort of problems.
Education somewhat is an alien concept, both in the way of knowledge about the world and emotional development.
They get handed a lot of toys and tools to get paid the time their parents haven't spend with them, but can't make up for the deep nothing they perceive.
Sold out worlds, they long for destruction, for the destination that remains for when there's no task for you or your body is plagued by diseases. Diseases the parents thought about in their selfishness "they will be able to get along with that". And they keep wondering why these kids in their selfishness for exstasy beget another aimless generation of kids accidently...
On the other hand, education in the form of learning in excess for those who can pay for it. Planning of futures until the age of 40, orchestrated and without a doubt that anything can come in between this. No guess of what poverty means, what deprivations means, not even that it exists at all or what life-threatening circumstances could be. A bubble which nothing goes wrong within.
In the end, the planning also reveals its shallowness: Getting education, getting jobs, founding families, reproduce, buying houses, buying cars - running around and following the established role model, without a thought for a deeper meaning, just as trying to get drunk and loitering around in derelict houses and on the streets. It's about running away and clouding your mind.
The middle class youngsters ignore in their planning, that their kids are going to have to fight even harder for getting jobs as there is limitation in this, so it is also done in a manner of feeding your ego, numbing your mind to prevent to understand something.
Whereas the kids which grow up in poverty rather get their kids unvoluntarily and suddenly start to get those dreams of a idyllic world that isn't reachable for them. If they do not turn out in the end to abandon them, to show them the true face of what their existence already is: Superfluous.
15th-Jul-2016 11:00 am - Winners & losers
The American establishment still thinks it can win World War III.
12th-Jul-2016 09:18 am - Authenticity
Waiting for command
Addition to: http://matrixmann.livejournal.com/200107.html

You know what you also lack if you find a hundred of people adulating themselves with a close-ranged spectrum of context in resonances?
If it was in writing, one could assume that all is written by one and the same person. Or a small bunch of persons, pretending to show diversity of opinions, but in reality all they do is fueling, deepening of social trenches. Manipulating the masses like all the others do.
You'd have trouble filtering the real persons from the fake ones and to believe in anything at all that they have said.
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